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The blindness of their father, Isaac, is seen as symbolic of the blindness of the Jews who did not recognize Jesus as their Messiah, and Jacob, who had covered his arms with goatskins, represents Jesus bearing the sins of the world.
In ancient times, goatskins were used to hold wine.
a few years ago when a maker of traditional drums developed a lesion after handling imported goatskins.
when the Persians used goatskins filled with water to sleep on?
Lambeg drum maker Tam Louden from Co Antrim, who now gets most of his goatskins in Crete
The family then begins reveling in their salvation, drinking wine from goatskins.
To complete the effect, she makes Jacob wear goatskin to approximate Esau's hairiness, a maneuver that successfully deceives Isaac and results in Isaac's mistakenly blessing him instead of Esau.
There's no shortage of American strategic goatskins, after all.
The Washington Times reports the Defense Department had planned to waive the Berry Amendment, a Buy American law, so manufacturers could buy Pakistani goatskins for use in the military's brown leather bomber jackets.
Fat cherubs slurp wine from goatskins on the painted walls of Rynek Starego Miasa, one of the most beautiful squares in Europe, where buskers sing Polish folk tunes on the corners.
The Bible achieves much of its moral effect by counterexample; maybe the shock of seeing Jacob strapping on goatskins to pass as Esau, or waking up next to Leah when she has passed as Rachel, teaches us ethics more memorably than any principle could.
Originally a brilliant invention -- it certainly beats huxtering around potatoes or goatskins or shiny beads as mediums of exchange -- money grew in sophistication as well as in its power over our lives until what was meant to be a means became an end in itself.
As they peer out of holes in their huts, caves and hollow trees, as they fish, cross rivers on inflated goatskins, converse with skulls or lie naked in thorn bushes, they are steadily visited by angels, assaulted by devils, fed by ravens and befriended by lions.
The problem of Ackerman's hypothesis regarding Genesis 27 is, precisely, that nothing in the preserved Biblical narrative suggests a sacral setting for the meal itself or indicates that Jacob's donning of the goatskins had any ritual or magical significance.