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a person who tends a flock of goats


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If you have a friendly goatherd or know of some horse stables, then you could perhaps beg some manure.
My Carmen, see, makes your Clodia seem blowsy, a diluted wine, a dull receptacle for perfumed, sheet-wrapped goatherds.
During the day, all the shepherds or goatherds of the village allow their flocks to mingle, to graze together and drink at the same stream or watering hole.
Trouble arises when the four SEALs, despite having carefully concealed themselves along the slopes of Sawtalo Sar, are discovered by a trio of Afghan goatherds.
He said Tanoumah was small with a few locals working on farms, Bedouins with goatherds and a few tiny villages near his company's compound.
Now, the last time Gossip yodelled its way through the goatherds on the grassy uplands of the land famous for its clocks and cheese we encountered many speakers of Switzerland's main languages of German, French and Italian, and possibly, even, Romansh, but definitely no Swiss speakers.
the spirited group of goatherds in horned masks dances to the
If lonely goatherds, crisp apple strudels and yodelling are a few of your favourite things then you'll be in good company this week.
There are pictures of farming and prison life, nuns, goatherds and shepherds, old men with beards and characterful faces.
It is dedicated to the Christian saint George, who is considered, in national beliefs, to be the guardian of shepherds and goatherds.
NICOLA'S all packed for her mini-break to Switzerland - with visions of snow-capped mountains, cuckoo clocks, posh chocs and yodelling goatherds.
Last month, Houthis complained that anti-personnel mines killed up to 100 goatherds, mostly women and injured another hundred, adding that they cleared four anti-personnel mines in their areas.
But the big dogs are Hugh and Sarah Bunten, the husband-and-wife goatherds whose "strike team" of wethered goats gruff have nibbled through the Southland from Claremont to Malibu at between 3 mph and 5 mph each spring.
Shepherds and goatherds whose flocks need grazing land prevent the restoration of forest areas.
The surrogate mother does not suffice for the Jones kids; the Moroccan goatherds are, by poverty and tradition, forced prematurely into adult responsibility; and the orphaned Chieko feels herself cruelly isolated in crowded Tokyo.