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Synonyms for goatherd

a person who tends a flock of goats


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If you have a friendly goatherd or know of some horse stables, then you could perhaps beg some manure.
I thought about MEC UK leaving advertising and becoming anything from a goatherd to a therapist.
Juanito Gavina, a farmer from Sitio Bato in Lacong, was the first person to inform village officials about Dayan's presence there, but his neighbors were surprised to learn that the bounty went to an unidentified goatherd, said Dominador Lilan, barangay chief of Lacong.
She becomes a friend to Peter, the goatherd and a source of joy and diversion to his blind grandmother.
And would you believe, just as the song describes, high on a hill is a lonely goatherd.
SINGER Gwen Stefani's song Wind It Up features riffs from The Lonely Goatherd and the musical is referenced several times in cartoon series The Simpsons, including a skit where Homer's exclamation of "D'oh" prompts the family to sing Do-Re-Mi.
MON 14 IF YOU can't bear the thought of a goatherd being lonely, do your bit and head for the opening night of The Sound of Music at the Liverpool Empire.
Set in Bronze Age Greece just after a volcanic eruption has caused great damage and clouded the sun, the story follows Hylas, a goatherd with a destiny, and his friend, Pirra, the daughter of a high-priestess.
Oy still continued to stay with the goatherd as they moved across the fields picking choice weeds each day.
Sandy, a friend of mine for many years, was a goatherd.
Two years ago she married Moroccan goatherd Yassine Al-Jermoni, who she met on the internet.
Rusev was a good goatherd, never losing a single animal.
Not when he's playing six roles, from a doctor in the South Pacific in 1849 to a nuclear power plant worker in 1970s San Francisco to a goatherd in 2321.
Space is the first big consideration for the would-be urban goatherd.