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The Indo-Pacific goatfishes Parupeneus cyclostomus and I?
Goatfishes are unique in having a pair of sensory barbels on the chin that are used to probe into sedimentary substrata to detect fossorial prey, mainly a variety of crustaceans, polychaetes, sipunculids, small bivalves, and occasional small fishes or small octopuses.
Schools of goatfishes, small carangids, and the introduced blueline snapper or ta'ape, Lutjanus kasmira, are common closer to shore in open and embayed habitats.
Although reef fishes are seen all around the island, the southwestern coast shows a stronger oceanic influence and supports more reef and coastal pelagic fisheries, including those for bigeye and mackerel scads, goatfishes, surgeons, and squirrelfishes.
Squirrelfishes, goatfishes, wrasses, dogtooth tuna, and triggerfishes each represented between 1 and 2% of the catch.
Higher proportions of wrasses, groupers, rabbitfishes, parrotfishes, goatfishes, sweetlips, and spiny lobsters are caught by scuba divers than by snorkelers (Table 2).