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a small chin beard trimmed to a point

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The mother of all goatees, the classic goatee has become popular among IT professionA[degrees] als over the last many years and is also a favourite among metal heads.
I lost my razor and I'm not sure I'll be able to find it again,'' Cardenas retorted as he stroked his new goatee.
The professional world considers goatees equivalent to beards, and there are many strange, unspoken rules about who can and who can't have them.
Two are fit, their hair and goatees, like their physiques, impeccably maintained; the third is paunchy and wears glasses; across his head sits a headpiece for radio communication.
If the mere idea of the countertenor voice summons images of wispy British gentlemen with carefully manicured goatees and zilch sex appeal, have a look at--and a listen to--Daniels.
Alan Rickman, who has played a number of villains in films including Die Hard and Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves, looks particularly menacing with a goatee on screen, while Robert De Niro and Sean Penn have both sported goatees for various roles.
Ants bearing the gene do not really sprout emerald goatees, although codiscoverer Laurent Keller of the University of Lausanne in Switzerland admits that in moments of enthusiasm he has included a colored tuft on a lecture slide.
Six iconic players and the Globetrotters' CEO, Kurt Schneider, are dumping their razors throughout the month of November to grow goatees, which they will debut on Giving Tuesday(December 1[sup.
Each year, Wahl, a proud American brand and champion of facial hair, scours the country in search of the best beards, mustaches and goatees.
A student fighting his high school's ban on goatees has asked the help of a bearded congressman who extols such bearded notables as Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield and Santa Claus.
Mark Guthrie, Billy Ashley, Eric Karros, Brett Butler, Raul Mondesi and even Todd Zeile are in various stages of growing goatees.
NEW YORK, June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Though a third of men hate shaving, most women dislike any kind of facial hair including stubble, sideburns and goatees.
At the same time, goatees, a badge of grunge music devotees, will go mainstream, the Forecaster predicts.
Dressed in standard county issue jail uniforms, some sporting shaved head and goatees, the men gave it a try.
Those currently in the full flower of youth may have a little gray in their goatees, thanks to the fact that boomers hogged the youth movement with Woodstock memories and Santana-backed car commercials until about 1991.