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having a small pointed chin beard

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Talking to the goateed 56-year-old chief executive reveals some interesting contrasts.
The pitch: In suburban New Jersey, there lives a goateed package of french fries who dabbles in science, a sociopathic milkshake cup and an imbecilic wad of meat who goes by the moniker of Meatwad.
Kit's (Pam Grier) hot for the goateed Ivan (Kelly Lynch), who has a not terribly well-concealed secret.
You might look like my security,'' joked Cruise, 41, who presented the award to the big, bald and goateed director Joe Carnahan.
A goateed gent lazes by his beagle, whose muzzle has begun to turn gray.
Tall and goateed, wearing a polo shirt, jeans and dusty sneakers on a warm California morning this week, Lake was cordial and intelligent in an interview.
It's a swarm of ponytailed, high school-age girls and goateed guys, dressed in familiar DQ blue and red, stuffing white bags.
At least that's what he appeared to be doing to fourth-official Winter after the goateed one had made referee Rennie banish Fergie from the touchline.
A private jet had been arranged to fly DiCaprio into town from Los Angeles especially for the event, but the goateed one cheekily chose to bodyswerve the charity do and instead went on a party spree with his mates.
Among them was 46-year-old physician Jeffrey Wallach, a short, handsome, goateed man with large muscles.
After the latest twist - a goateed "trans-clone" - I may be starting to lose the thread.
The jukey is characterful and democratic (unless it's stuck in a living room by a goateed accountant to look hip at dinner parties).
He smiles when I remind him of his mother Beryl's reaction when she answered the phone to the goateed multi-millionaire entrepreneur, who'd rung the Jones household to introduce himself personally.
You got to have stars -- not just for our organization, but for our sport -- especially for our city," said Lalas, himself the flaming-haired, guitar-strumming, goateed face of American soccer when the World Cup came here in 1994.