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a small chin beard trimmed to a point

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Goatee became very confused-Meeeeh they dooooon't looook like meeee but they call the others kiiiiiids
The mother of all goatees, the classic goatee has become popular among IT professionA[degrees] als over the last many years and is also a favourite among metal heads.
And the man preparing to take it on the chin in Plymouth for the gathering will be Great Barr's Simon Sheffield, selfproclaimed Godfather of the Goatee.
The Pontypridd singing legend has ditched the goatee he's been rocking since the early Noughties and gone clean shaven.
The Cleveland FBI office is stepping up efforts in its search for the former Taupa Lithuanian Credit Union CEO Alex Spirikaitis, releasing a new photo of him without his goatee.
I got a wonderful little goatee (during my pregnancy).
He had a thin mustache above a narrow goatee and wore a tropical shirt with bright red hibiscuses and multi-colored parrots and macaws.
London, August 20 ( ANI ): Mo Farah dyed his trademark goatee blonde to star in a new ad campaign after the Olympics.
Goatee the nanny goat and her kid billy Pismo stood on surfboards to ride waves at San Onofre State Beach in Orange County.
One could assign taxonomy to "goatee" variations: the goatee and semi-rectangular moustache; the basic goatee with a small strip; and the trusty partial beard/semi-moustache combo.
One had a goatee beard and was wearing a grey sweatshirt.
The actor - who has finished a course of chemotherapy - had put on weight and was sporting a new goatee beard.
TOM Jones has admitted he only grew a goatee to hide his plastic surgery scars.
The store clerks told police that one of the suspects, described as 5 feet 11 inches tall with goatee and wearing a plaid shirt and brown-and-white jeans, had a revolver.
Worried parents fear the man, in his 20s with a ginger goatee beard and driving a black car with blacked out windows, could strike again.