goat cheese

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made from goats' milk


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Process cream, goat cheese and a pinch of salt in a food processor for 5 minutes, until solid lumps form.
Suggested Menu: Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Strata, orange slices, fresh spinach with light vinaigrette; hot tea or sparkling white wine
The proposed transaction, as originally notified, would have combined the two leading producers and suppliers of semi-hard goat cheese in the Netherlands, leading to very high market shares.
Gourmet Retailer magazine and The Nibble have recognized Belle Chevre's new goat cheese cheesecakes with top honors and awards.
The first step to making baladi goat cheese is pouring the milk through cheese cloth to catch any impurities.
In container, pour goat cheese mixture and set aside
1'logs fresh creamy goat cheese, 16 to 18 ounces total weight
Unwrap log of goat cheese and roll it in the chopped herbs, pressing the herbs to adhere.
Using crottin goat cheese for this recipe is ideal because it is quite firm but when hot it doesn't completely melt.
Countryside: I didn't exactly can goat cheese last year but I did bottle goat cheese in olive oil.
In fact, we found enough Best Bites to keep you in goat cheese for some time.
These goats will grow to adults to produce the unique Appalachian flavors of Dark Cove Goat Cheese.
Stop by the farm store and you can come away with a Vermont-made quilt, hand-sewn children's clothes, maple products of all sorts, goat cheese or a jar of preserves.
We still think dairy should be a very small part of any diet, but a little goat cheese or goat cheese yogurt goes a long way.