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Synonyms for goalkeeper

the soccer or hockey player assigned to protect the goal

the defensive position on an ice hockey or soccer or lacrosse team who stands in front of the goal and tries to prevent opposing players from scoring

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The main part of his duties here will be working with the goalkeepers on the training ground.
David Latchford, who distinguished himself as Birmingham's goalkeeper from 1968 to 1977, watched in awe as Taylor made save after save to ensure that the team of 2004 drew 0-0 away to Manchester City two days ago.
The post players should set up roughly two yards wide of each post, while a third player should start from around the penalty spot and move toward the goalkeeper.
Now I've had enough criticism and positive experiences to know that I'm not a bad goalkeeper.
The manager said: "Very often in this situation you go out and get another experienced goalkeeper in on loan.
I used to play on Sundays, with friends basically, and a local development side, based in Bristol, needed a goalkeeper.
CHELSEA v WATFORD TOMORROW, 3PM CHELSEA boss Carlo Ancelotti has described Petr Cech as one of the best goalkeepers in the world and expects him to bounce back from his recent jitters.
We have Hilario and have the goalkeeper from the youth team.
The injuries to Petr Cech and Carlo Cudicini were extremely unfortunate and I was relieved to read that both goalkeepers will make a full recovery.
That is the profile of the goalkeeper we are looking for.
Although the Premier League can allow a goalkeeper to move on loan outside of the transfer window, they did not accept Blackburn's plea to acquire Enckelman.
Since Reusch goalkeeping gloves were first made in 1973, six out of the seven World Cups, and six out of the seven European Championships have been won by a goalkeeper wearing Reusch gloves and, at World Cup France '98, they were easily the most popular brand amongst first choice goalkeepers.
And Smith feels it's no coincidence that results have improved since he signed the Trondheim-born goalkeeper.
Putting a little pressure on the goalkeeper can be helpful in getting him to deal with penalty kicks.
JURGEN Klopp has quashed suggestions Liverpool are hunting for a new goalkeeper after declaring himself happy with current first choice Simon Mignolet.