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one of a pair of posts (usually joined by a crossbar) that are set up as a goal at each end of a playing field

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A COMMUNITY football club has kicked off after its goal posts were damaged.
I didn't know until we put it up for sale that the kids had used it as a goal post.
After taking lead, the PAF team put in more pressure and succeeded in pressing the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa team to the wall as a result it was in the dying moments when Mujahid scored another goal in similar fashion but this time Nouman gave him a beautiful through ball in front of the goal post.
He said fans experienced "harassment, alarm or distress" when Foley invaded the pitch and shackled himself to a goal post in the Park End side of the ground.
I can't understand why they used metal goal posts anyway because they're a danger.
But those who kicked better judged the goal posts to be farther apart and the crossbar lower to the ground," said Jessica K.
Additionally, the bank will sponsor "West Coast Coaching Clues" articles in OYSA's Goal Post newspaper, two $500 scholarships to the Olympic Development Program and a finance section on the OYSA website.
Matt Reis made five saves and got help from the goal post and crossbar as the Revolution extended their unbeaten streak against the Red Bulls to six games (5-0-1).
The defender nearest to the player with the ball tightly marks the goal side of the ball and inside of a line from the ball to the near goal post.
In addition to the goal post netting, Allstate will be present at college football games with its mobile tailgate "Field Goal Fan-Tastic" tour, a national promotion that will give away a trip to a BCS Championship Game, and will launch a new college football themed television advertising campaign.
It looks like a goal post with Venetian blinds," says designer and physicist Klaus Lackner of Columbia University in New York.
Both posts are back in possession of the the athletic department, and word is the signed goal post will likely be displayed in the UA Student Union.
Two cats huddle on a goal post fence, Discussing normalcy.
5 Feet, Plastic Cone 1 Feet, Stocking (Cotton), Rubber Cone (Small), Shine Guard, Skiping Rope, Goal Post 2.