goal line

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a line marking each end of the playing field or pitch

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will also wear watches that indicate whether the ball has crossed the entire goal line that's just four years too late frank Lampard and England though
Let's see goal line technology in all divisions with immediate effect.
ESPN Goal Line keeps college football fans up-to-date in real time, switching from game to game with live look-ins, highlights and a chance to see every important play.
There are two types of goal line technology being tested.
Blatter has always ruled out the use of technology or video replays to help the referee, but he said goal line technology would be discussed at an International Football Association Board meeting in March.
You can get evens on Ladbrokes' first-half goal line.
The Saints cornerback, who's been burned more often this season than blackened redfish, wobbled under the ball and allowed Berrian to pull it in while falling down at the goal line.
Imagine a football official raising his hands to score a touchdown before a player crosses the goal line because the official believes that crossing the goal line is imminent.
One at a time, have a male and female control subject walk from the center of one goal line to the mark at the center of the opposite goal.
His teammates cheered him on and yelled for him to run for the goal line.
The idea is to hit the ball with the blunted arrows and nudge it across the other team's goal line.
Some 14 cameras would film the goal line, and a signal is then sent to the referee and his assistants within one second through a specially developed watch.
Goal line technology: FIFA are set to green light a system to rule on goal-line incidents.
The decision was taken after a presentation of experiments during which cameras were placed on the goal posts and electronic chips inserted in the ball to determine if it had crossed the goal line.