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a verbalization that encourages you to attempt something

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Peter Makepeace, for Skelton, of Motherwell Road, Hartlepool, said the offence was an "aberration" with provocation and goading for a man with no previous convictions.
Nor were the senators concerned that they were goading citizens to commit what the high courts have said is an unlawful act.
McCracken had snapped after prolonged goading by Eastman as he celebrated victory over Mark Baker.
Also, Hayward's prejudice against women is fully apparent in his condemnation of Somerset's wife, Anne Stanhope, as a jealous and devilish harridan responsible for goading her husband into the arrest and execution of his brother.
Now, as the next election nears, the Republicans are goading him that he hasn't made good.
Thanks to goading by the Christian right and the Republican Party, one cannot read a newspaper without encountering a reference to values.
Your current approach is goading me and others like me to thumb our noses at you and head straight for the popcorn concession and the freezer.
Rachael Gomersall I don't agree in any way to pelting players with missiles no matter what they do, but the FA should look into the appalling performance of the ref, the potential career ending tackle by McClean and his antics afterwards including goading supporters.
Silly Mili (Ed Miliband) has only got himself to blame after being 'suckered' into his 'macho man' show of strength by David Cameron goading him, saying " the Labour party was in the pocket of the trade unions" In the words of Captain Mainwaring: You stupidboy, after reporting Unite for irregularities in the Falkirk by-election and bringing in new rules on affiliation and membership.
We see there was a lot of goading on the Jeremy Kyle show.
Mr Alexander made the claims in an open letter, writing: "This lady has the blood of two deaths and a maimed PC on her hands, all caused by the lies and goading on the mobile prior to the incident.