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Synonyms for goaded

compelled forcibly by an outside agency

References in classic literature ?
To have goaded Numa then into active resistance might have brought the whole herd down upon him and so Tarzan waited to learn first what their attitude would be.
Thus goaded the bulls came closer, redoubling their hideous clamor; but Sheeta was already sufficiently engaged--he did not even hear them.
Here was the appearance and the scent of a man-thing and Numa had tasted of human flesh and learned that though not the most palatable it was certainly by far the easiest to secure, yet there was that in the bestial growls of the strange creature which reminded him of formidable antagonists and gave him pause, while his hunger and the odor of the hot flesh of Bara goaded him almost to madness.
Worms will turn, and even meek, mild, obedient little souls like Cecily may be goaded to the point of wild, sheer rebellion.
When he has nothing left, must not his desires, crowding in the nest like young ravens, be crying aloud for food; and he, goaded on by them, and especially by love himself, who is in a manner the captain of them, is in a frenzy, and would fain discover whom he can defraud or despoil of his property, in order that he may gratify them?
AS REVOLTED as I am at Sky pundit and former Liverpool star Jamie Carragher's reaction to being goaded, I can't help that think that spitting has become almost second nature in football.
Another said stewards were "clearly goaded by some pretty appalling behaviour", with "whole swathes of our end chucking coins (hundreds of them), endless singing of 'Barcelona, you'll always be Spain'".
The victim suffered a burn mark to his cheek after he passed the lit cigarette to her and goaded her to assault him, Kirklees Magistrates' Court was told.
A TOUGH guy's taunts after a stranger punched him in the street left him with a painful message The victim, who had a police record for violence and affray, goaded his attacker asking him: "Is that the best you can do?
Albion winger Callum McManaman was shoved by a supporter and had to be restrained while keeper Boaz Myhill was jostled and goaded as he tried to leave the pitch.
SILLY Mili (Ed Miliband) has only got himself to blame after being suckered into his macho man show of strength by David Cameron who goaded him saying that the Labour party was in the pocket of the trade unions.
The defendant was found to have propagated "Tibet independence" ideas for several times among the public and goaded people to stage an illegal demonstration, with himself taking the lead to chant "Tibet independence" slogans.
Chris Hodgson, 20, said he had been goaded by Steven McIntyre at their home in Stanley, County Durham, on the night of the attack.