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a form of protest by workers in which they deliberately slow down in order to cause problem from their employers

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He will be leading a convoy of lorries, coaches and taxis on a 20mph go-slow east along the M4 this morning
The third day of go-slow action by Egyptian air traffic controllers in Cairo saw delays of up to 14 hours on 11 May.
On January 28 the first go-slow and demonstration was organised at Stanlow with estimates of between 150-250 motorists taking part.
HACKNEY cab drivers are to stage a go-slow in protest at a pounds 2,400 annual bill to pick up from Liverpool John Lennon Air port.
A total of 20 flights were delayed between three and six hours at Cairo Airport yesterday (10 May) due to a go-slow staged by Egyptian air traffic controllers.
Drivers would back speed cameras and go-slow zones around schools, it was claimed today.
GO-SLOW RE-SCHEDULED: A go-slow by London Underground workers in a dispute over safety has been re-scheduled to avoid next Monday's victory parade by the England rugby squad, it was announced last night.
It would be inexcusable to write off another generation in the name of go-slow, piecemeal reform, especially during a time of such promise.
The motorway was at a standstill or a crawl in both directions as lorry drivers formed a go-slow convoy to protest at fuel prices.
Mark Chapman defied both protesting Norfolk farmers on a go-slow in their tractors and breakdown engineers who gave him no chance of having his horsebox repaired within 24 hours of breaking down on the A1.
The ratings also reflect court-validated power sales contracts, the state's go-slow approach to deregulation, and strong member system sales growth of about 3.
THANK God militant passport workers have realised their go-slow was not going to get them anywhere.
The massive go-slow will hit between the M56 near the Stanlow oil refinery, where the protests will start at 9am, and Colwyn Bay.
BLACK cabs were expected to cause traffic chaos in Liverpool city centre today in protest against government plans to deregulate their industry Liverpool taxi driver members of the Transport and General Workers' Union were taking part in a go-slow drive through the city centre converging on Kings Docks for a rally.
Pilots at Colombian carrier Avianca had launched a go-slow protest on 21 November 2003, but suspended the two-week-old protest after reaching a preliminary agreement with the company on voluntary dismissals.