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Synonyms for go-getter

an intensely energetic, enthusiastic person

Synonyms for go-getter

someone whose career progresses rapidly

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GO-GETTING TNS chief Mike Harris is to work for the League of Wales Board of Directors - to find them a sponsor.
Thirty-nine years old, vivacious and informal, Cassani's go-getting confidence is tempered by a self-deprecating humor that plays well in Britain.
And, I was impressed by New Millennium's staff's professional, courteous and go-getting service," said Burgess.
Assistant producer Rima Rouf says: "We are seeking two types of families, a go-getting, high energy family who are living with a physical disability and not fazed by anything, dislike moaners and groaners but will be a real inspiration to a family who have no knowledge or awareness of living with a disability.
During his two-year leadership, he helped in transforming the partnership into a go-getting and innovative organisation.
The Flirtini has replaced the Cosmopolitan as the cocktail of choice for every go-getting female.
She's a typical go-getting Sagittarian, and having branched out from singer to screen sex symbol, her life is set for some unpredictable events.
Today's stars are go-getting governors: Christine Todd Whitman (R-NJ), William F.