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Synonyms for go-getter

an intensely energetic, enthusiastic person

Synonyms for go-getter

someone whose career progresses rapidly

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GO Network GO-Getters know how to use the Internet to accomplish everything they need both at work and in their personal lives -- these people go out there and make it happen," said Harry Motro, president and CEO of Infoseek.
All three winners will have the opportunity to represent the GO Network GO-Getters program in their hometowns and will receive more than $1,200 in cash and prizes.
CONTACT: Gerald Butler, Chairperson, Peer Support Empowerment Committee, +1-313-554-9173; or Shirley Cockrel, Director, Go-Getters Homeless Drop-in Center, +1-313-842-4046
Our research has focused on the use of two state indexes to explain migration choices for go-getters, both domestic and foreign.
Written by Simon Block and starring Robson Green and Sarah Parish, it was glossy and slick, full of ruthless go-getters in power suits.
Initially, ``Hitch'' deftly avoids romantic-comedy cliches by inventing some clever ways for go-getters Hitch and Sara to interact without resorting to the emotional constipation that typically plagues the lovelorn in these movies.
The gongs for go-getters awards would be separate to the current awards overseen by Tony Blair.
I am delighted to be joining such a talented team of entrepreneurs and go-getters," said Mr.
Early on, Stone takes pains to establish that many of the kids who founded the SLA were actually bright students, go-getters, who saw themselves as patriots protesting the actions (Vietnam, Kent State, etc.
Running a Business with Ambition will provide a forum to help new and aspiring business go-getters, particularly in the early stages of trading.
Among them are Cosmetic Pampering Studio and Avon Go-Getters.
Her story further would be enriched by considering the role less-notable go-getters played in cultivating both entrepreneurial culture and economic success for the Twin Cities.
Carlyle plays an ecstasy-taking farmer whose tranquillity is invaded by go-getters wanting to turn his rural idyll into a theme park.
Consider the impact this group of graying go-getters will have on long term care.
SUPER League go-getters Halifax Blue Sox are set to tell England Rugby Union stand-off Jonny Wilkinson: "Give us a call if you fancy switching codes.