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  • noun

Synonyms for go-getter

an intensely energetic, enthusiastic person

Synonyms for go-getter

someone whose career progresses rapidly

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I noticed in "Alarming butterflies and go-getter fish" an example of an oft-repeated misinterpretation of the theory of evolution.
Always the first to support her fellow smart, sassy and fashion-forward sisters, Barbie(R) doll is proud to pay homage to this blonde go-getter with the collectible "Barbie(R) Doll as Elle Woods.
Dan's magazine is taken over by a multinational conglomerate and Dan is consigned to being a ``wingman'' for 26-year-old Carter Duryea, an over-caffeinated, anal-retentive go-getter who knows nothing about ad sales.
He could be our next real big go-getter,'' Neale said.
The Marine, praised for his outstanding ability, was known at home as a go-getter on the basketball court and a good Catholic kid who had dreamed of becoming a Marine.
She's a go-getter, competent, brave and intellingt.
He was a real go-getter,'' Bruce Sikora, 53, of La Crescenta said of his 5-foot-6-inch nephew who would come over to play with his son.
Two childhood friends, a vulgar Wall Street go-getter (Barry Pepper) and a nervous, sexually frustrated prep-school teacher (Philip Seymour Hoffman), vow to keep things light for their bud's sake and, predictably, fail miserably at the task.
And in a pat but still touching subplot, the fast-talking, go-getter event planner P.