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an employee whose duties include running errands

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I think it'd make a nifty range bike, go-fer in a big warehouse, a camper's friend, or a thousand other uses.
I first met Spalding Gray in 1975 when I was a theatre student working as a go-fer at the Chelsea Westside Theater.
They have a view of the water and a go-fer named Buzz.
The Donohue family enjoys a relatively comfortable standard of living, but Lois, a mother of young children, part-time employee, go-fer for her husband, recognizes the gender inequalities.
He recalls how, aged 17 and having pestered local showband The Royal Blues for contacts in Dublin, he landed a job as a go-fer in Tommy Hayden's booking agency.
I became a go-fer, as in go for coffee, go for ice cream, go for cigarettes.
Before long, he caught on at exhib Hoyts, first in the mailroom and then as a go-fer.