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an employee whose duties include running errands

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He recalls how, aged 17 and having pestered local showband The Royal Blues for contacts in Dublin, he landed a job as a go-fer in Tommy Hayden's booking agency.
I became a go-fer, as in go for coffee, go for ice cream, go for cigarettes.
The first stop in such a corporate climb is an entry-level position, a poorly paid go-fer willing to be the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave at night, assuming every menial task imaginable along the way.
A new production has been developed for the roll-out and has been in a test market for over a year under the management of Jeff Gilmore, who joined the family business as an eight-year-old go-fer and, with time left out for college, made it to vice president 20 years later.
HITS: Harry Potter films are winners; GO-FER IT: Euan runs an errand on the Harry Potter film set; PRIME TIME: Euan finds a shady spot to read a newspaper on his break