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an enclosing framework on casters or wheels

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a small vehicle with four wheels in which a baby or child is pushed around

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Circuit Challenger operates go-carts on the eastern course of the international racing course, known worldwide as the home of the F1 Japanese Grand Prix and the Suzuka 8hours FIM Endurance World Championship.
CPSC staff charged that the gas cap can leak or detach from the fuel tank on the recalled minibikes and go-carts, posing fire and burn hazards.
Inspired by the popular American cartoon, the madcap event will see teams compete against each other to see who has built the fastest go-cart.
The Willamette High School student was finishing his turn racing a homemade electric go-cart when he lost control of his car and barreled into a barricade.
When Danica Patrick was 13, she raced go-carts and dreamed of being a race-car driver.
Living in a trailer park in a desolate industrial area on the outskirts of Amsterdam, the children partake in a cornucopia of activities that seem to be ordered according to the seasons: repairing bicycles, breaking ice, and chopping wood in the winter; shoplifting candies and washing go-carts in the spring; riding mopeds and lying in mud puddles in the summer; building forts, salvaging old bread, and exploring gutters in the fall.
In addition to high school sports, he races go-carts at Willow Springs, where his father is a go-cart instructor, and he also plays the saxophone and drums for the school band.
Tires sold for commercial trucks, public service vehicles, farming vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, and non-travel related vehicles including race cars, go-carts, buses, planes, trailers, race cars, golf carts, and building construction vehicles.
The import of racing cars other than Go-carts will be liable for a payment of 200% to 350% of their CIF value as taxes including Excise (Special Provisions) Duty depending on the cylinder capacity of the imported racing car.
The third-generation NASCAR racer will make a public appearance at Cedar Point and even challenge some lucky guests to a showdown at the Grand Prix Go-Carts.
How is it possible to make a realistic assessment of the noise levels from five go-carts without the experience of them going round a track in the area?
We would spend hours building our go-carts out of scraps, and then rode down the hill, only to find out we forgot the brakes.
The 22-year-old Ulsterman has carved a career path from go-carts to Grand Prix racing glory.
Geared toward family entertainment, Madrid Xanadu also boasts a movie complex, indoor go-carts, high-tech bowling and much more.
Issuing a statement, the Ministry of Finance and Planning said importation of Go-carts which can be used by only one person and classified under racing cars have been specially identified by a creating a separate HS code 8703.