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an approach that fails and gives way to another attempt

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If the plane made a go-around because of wind shear, then was that manoeuvre complied with?
Another thing going on with pitch trim is that almost no matter where it was set before beginning the go-around and no matter how you re-trim when adding power, you'll likely need to use it again by the time you've stowed the gear and flaps, and are climbing away from the runway.
The jet slammed into the ground at an almost vertical angle after a 20-second nosedive during the go-around, according to data from flight recorders cited by MAK.
What about when a landing is going poorly but the aircraft already is past the NLT go-around point?
And the reason you're going around may not even be something you can readily identify; controllers frequently command a go-around when the preceding traffic is slow to exit the runway.
He immediately applied full power and pitched the nose up to perform a go-around, but "the application of power was too late" and the left main landing gear struck the ground about 120 feet from the runway threshold.
The pilot reported at some point during the attempted go-around the flaps were retracted and the airplane then descended to impact the runway.
As accident statistics, investigations and even imagery show, failure to successfully execute a go-around can be deadly business.
The other is to seriously consider a go-around much earlier in the sequence.
I disagree with the reader suggesting to "retract approach flaps to reduce drag" as one of the three things to do in the first six seconds of a go-around, unless he meant retracting them to the approach-flap setting (Unicom, December 2009).
The pilot executed a go-around, but his decision was "too late," and he was unable to out-climb terrain.
Thus, the go-around and missed-approach techniques discussed in your November article "The Forgotten Maneuver" are still fresh to me.
At about 2025 Central time, the airplane crashed into an unoccupied residence while executing a go-around.