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But being one day at Hull, where I went casually, and without any purpose of making an elopement at that time; but, I say, being there, and one of my companions being about to sail to London in his father's ship, and prompting me to go with them with the common allurement of seafaring men, that it should cost me nothing for my passage, I consulted neither father nor mother any more, nor so much as sent them word of it; but leaving them to hear of it as they might, without asking God's blessing or my father's, without any consideration of circumstances or consequences, and in an ill hour, God knows, on the 1st of September 1651, I went on board a ship bound for London.
No,' says I; 'if you will help me, take the child by the hand, and lead it for me but to the upper end of the street; I'll go with you and satisfy you for your pains.
I got the chance to go with Lance and do the loop and that was awesome.
My tour manager, who would always go with me through anything work-related, once I got the diagnosis, he just stepped right into the cancer tour.
So I go to put on my shoes to go with the Scissors Lady and I tell Mama to put on her shoes too so her feet won't get dirty and she smiles.