go to war

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commence hostilities

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John, 39, who lives in Mamble, Worcestershire, told the Sunday Mercury in an exclusive interview: 'Right from the start of your training, your mind is set to the fact that you may have to go to war.
US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has admitted "no one with any sense" would want to go to war with Iraq.
WASHINGTON -- Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones today announced concerns surrounding President's Bush's reason for the United States to go to war with Iraq.
The failure to eliminate Hussein in 1991 contributed to the current President Bush's decision, in the aftermath of 9/11, to go to war again against Iraq, this time with the goal of "regime change.
I believe Mr Blair's half apology has made the situation worse, because while he admits the information he was given about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction was wrong, he still insists it was right to go to war to bring down Saddam, although that was not the reason we went to war.
Fuller once said that the response he wanted from his war movies was that "only an idiot would go to war"; asked if Saving Private Ryan was an antiwar film, Spielberg offered a Zen paradox: "It's an antiwar film only in that if you want to go to war after seeing this picture, then it's not an antiwar film.
They were determined to go to war and forced what facts there were to fit the theories instead of the other other way round.
Few public decisions are as momentous as the decision to go to war, and for a "government of the people, by the people, [and] for the people," it is essential that all the people--those who will risk their lives in such enterprise and those who will participate in the democratic processes leading to it--possess the critical thinking, ethical decision making, and lifelong learning competencies to faithfully discharge their roles.
No decision was communicated to Prince Bandar of the decision'' by Bush to go to war against Iraq, Powell added.
To go to war is not a virtuous act,' said the bishop.
Statistical information presented in the book on militarized disputes that involve Latin American countries questions the pre-conception that democracies do not go to war.
Not simply must decisions to go to war emanate from the highest authority in the land, such authority must be competent.
To a significant degree, it seems Congress has deferred to the Administration to demonstrate and test its leadership, particularly as President Bush decided to go to war.
If and when we go to war, I believe (and hope) it will be a short one and the market will basically remain in its current anxious, but stable mode until the public perceives an end to the war.
All the bereaved families accept that there are always casualties in war but I don't accept that we can go to war and then change the reasons for going to war.