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Synonyms for bathroom

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Oftentimes people with cognitive impairment will answer no if asked to go to the bathroom," says Mahn.
But, when you go to the bathroom, the bladder muscle should tighten.
She said"I had a few drinks before the show, but I didn't think to go to the bathroom before we went onstage.
I agree that 15 passes a month isn't enough, but I also understand the need to restrict how often students can go to the bathroom.
Sims, deciding everything from what their Sims look like to when they go to the bathroom.
To keep residents comfortable and content, caregivers must know to routinely assess agitated residents for pain, constipation, infection, hunger or thirst and the simple need to go to the bathroom.
Here the prospective pupil can learn who's good ("I feel like a whole new world has opened up to me"), who's bad ("she will attempt to crush you till she can smell your blood"), who's unfair ("if you go to the bathroom during class he gives you a tardy"), and who's easy ("copy all your class notes for the test and you'll get an 'A"').
On average, the saw-palmetto-taken felt less urgency to urinate, got up less often at night to go to the bathroom, or had greater urine flow.
Ours were made out of duct tape, tinfoil, and used gum, and if you had to go to the bathroom, you sat in it until you got home.
When you go to the bathroom, the bladder muscle tightens to squeeze urine out of the bladder.
Of these, 21 got out of bed on a total of 36 occasions, usually to go to the bathroom.
When I first started to experience male urinary symptoms, I delayed going to the doctor even though I was getting up several times a night to go to the bathroom," explains Monroe.
Kate was at the Agent Provocateur event," a spy told the New York Post, "trying to go to the bathroom with three pals.
Eventually, Rocca was holding the baby 10 hours a day, unable even to go to the bathroom without Harlow on her lap.