go to pieces

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Synonyms for go to pieces

lose one's emotional or mental composure


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QI AM a 28-year-old man who regularly goes sky-diving and does kick boxing, but if a dog comes near me I go to pieces.
And if the soul isn't looked after then everything will go to pieces.
I thought, I can either go to pieces, or I can take this opportunity to do everything I've always wanted to do, and that included learning to fly," he said.
I suppose you thought you had me, When you tried to stop my heart, You thought perhaps I''d go to pieces And completely fall apart.
LikemanyAmericans, Snedeker seems to go to pieces ontherareoccasionshecompetes outside his countr y, and Finca Cortesin is not a course which suits his style of play.
Ah, but will the champions go to pieces in the box at the Etihad tonight?
England's imploded a little bit against South Africa, and a couple of weeks ago I saw Hartley go to pieces against Leicester.