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But we have many days before us; we must go to bed," said Kitty, glancing at her tiny watch.
Never yet was any man able to stand so much as a taste of the herb I gave you; you must be spell-proof; surely you can be none other than the bold hero Ulysses, who Mercury always said would come here some day with his ship while on his way home from Troy; so be it then; sheathe your sword and let us go to bed, that we may make friends and learn to trust each other.
And now that you have got me here myself, you mean me mischief when you ask me to go to bed with you, and will unman me and make me fit for nothing.
How much sleep do children need at this age, and have you got any tips for how we can encourage him to go to bed at a reasonable time?
Sometimes I get into work and I daydream about how early I can go to bed.
Lucy Donnelly: My six and 10-year-old go to bed at those times.
Critique: Exceptionally well written, thoroughly 'reader friendly' in tone, impressively informative and thoughtful, immanently practical and ultimately inspiring, "Don't Go to Bed Angry: Stay Up and Fight" is unreservedly recommended for personal reading lists and community library Self-Help/Self Improvement and Conflict Management collections.
Don't Go to Bed Angry, by husband-and-wife duo Deb and Ron DeArmond, is a journey through the land mines of marriage to a healthier way of communicating.
I set my own bedtimes--on weeknights I'm in bed by 10 and wake up at 6:20, and on weekends I go to bed by 11 and wake whenever.
People who go to bed early often complain that the night is too short, but for those who stay up all night because they cannot sleep it can feel as long as a lifetime.
To help yourself get regular sleep, go to bed around the same time each night, and get up at the same time every morning.
Gruevski, Ivanov and Veljanoski still go to bed and wake up with Macedonia without gathering the courage to solve the name issue even if it means certain sacrifices.
North Wales Police warned motorists not to leave their car keys downstairs when they go to bed at night.
African American children were more likely to go to bed later than white children and to sleep significantly less.