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be present at (meetings, church services, university), etc.

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So it was travel the world or go to summer school to finish a government class.
You never go to an air show to go watch a balloon performance.
I am sure you'd find a lot of tenants that would normally leave Downtown and go to Midtown but won't because they have operations in NJ that make it easier for them to operate jointly Downtown and in NJ.
I go to get my bookbag for school and I tell Mama she needs to make my lunch but Mama says I don't need my bookbag and the Scissors Lady will make me lunch.
So we actually had to go to SAP and joint venture with them.
When it comes to whether or not to go to Mass, it seems people are no longer as motivated by the pains of hell.
I'd go to his house and I'd skate and I could do those early-grab front-side 540s like that terrible guy would do.
It will start with costs and go to service and will wind up with quality, unfortunately in that order.
You don't know how you're going to fight when you go to war unless you can write down your concept of operations.