go steady

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date regularly

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Go Steady has also developed the Grooved Grip for its canes and crutches.
But it might go back to what it was like years ago when jockeys used to go steady early on to give their horses a chance to get home.
Ladyflash, their most recognisable hit, was unrecognisable, while Ready To Go Steady was almost embarrassing.
TheEPhas been released with backing from Go Steady Records, a company co-founded by Sam, and features the band's energetic punk-rock sound.
If you want to get a bit merry then go steady and drink as many soft drinks as you do alcoholic ones.
The lucky recipient of the kiss is fan Kim MacAfee, played by Nina Genatossio, who has recently agreed to go steady with Hugh Peabody, played by Sean Scannell.
To what extent might an early propensity to "hang out" with youth of the opposite sex or youth in higher grades, to date frequently or to go steady be predictive of the transition to sexual activity in these early teenage years?