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Synonyms for go

be given


be dismissed


  • be dismissed
  • be fired
  • be discharged
  • be laid off
  • get the sack
  • get the chop
  • get your P45



  • belong
  • be kept
  • be located
  • be situated



be used up


  • be used up
  • be spent
  • be exhausted



go about something: tackle

go about something: engage in


go along with someone

go along with something

go around or round

go at something


go away


go back


go back on something


go by


go by something


go down: lose


go down: set


go down: sink


go down: be remembered


  • be remembered
  • be recorded
  • be recalled
  • be commemorated

go down with something


go far


go for someone: prefer


go for someone: attack


go for someone: scold

go for something: choose


go for something: try to get


  • try to get
  • reach for
  • clutch at
  • stretch for

go in for something

go into something: enter


go off: depart


go off: explode

go off: sound

go off: take place

go off: go bad


go on: happen

go on about something

go on doing something or go on with something

go out: see someone


go out: be extinguished


go over something: examine

go over something: rehearse

go through


  • be completed
  • be approved
  • be concluded
  • be carried through

go through something: search


go through something: examine

go through something: use up

go through with something

go together: harmonize


go together: go out

go under: fail

go under: sink

go up


go without something


go with something


no go

Synonyms for go

to move along a particular course

to proceed in a specified direction

to look to when in need

to proceed on a certain course or for a certain distance

to change or fluctuate within limits

to perform a function effectively

to move toward a termination

to have a proper or suitable place


to move past in time

to be depleted


to do or fare well

to put up as a stake in a game or speculation

to make an offer of


go along: to agree to cooperate or participate


go around: to pass around but not through

go around: to become known far and wide

go at: to start work on vigorously


go away: to move toward a termination

go back: to go again to a former place

go down: to come to the ground suddenly and involuntarily

go down: to undergo capture, defeat, or ruin

go far: to gain success

go for: to be favorably disposed toward

go for: to receive pleasure from

go for: to require a specified price


go in: to come or go into (a place)

go off: to release or cause to release energy suddenly and violently, especially with a loud noise

go on: to be in existence or in a certain state for an indefinitely long time

go on: to continue without halting despite difficulties or setbacks

go on: to talk volubly, persistently, and usually inconsequentially

go out: to be with another person socially on a regular basis

go over: to turn out well

go over: to look at carefully or critically

go over: to give a recapitulation of the salient facts of

go through: to participate in or partake of personally

go under: to undergo capture, defeat, or ruin

go under: to undergo sudden financial failure

go up: to move upward on or along

go with: to be in keeping with

a brief trial

a limited, often assigned period of activity, duty, or opportunity

in a state of preparedness

Synonyms for go

a time for working (after which you will be relieved by someone else)

street names for methylenedioxymethamphetamine

a usually brief attempt

a board game for two players who place counters on a grid

change location

follow a procedure or take a course

move away from a place into another direction

enter or assume a certain state or condition

have a particular form


Related Words

stretch out over a distance, space, time, or scope

be abolished or discarded

be or continue to be in a certain condition

Related Words

perform as expected when applied

to be spent or finished

progress by being changed


Related Words

be in the right place or situation


Related Words

be ranked or compare

Related Words

begin or set in motion

lead, extend, or afford access


Related Words

be the right size or shape

go through in search of something


Related Words

be spent

Related Words

give support (to) or make a choice (of) one out of a group or number


functioning correctly and ready for action


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Other SkyTeam Go Passes include: Go Round the World, Go Africa, Go Greater China, Go Europe, Go Mexico, Go Russia and Go USA and Canada.
Each time the goods go round the carousel, the VAT that should be paid to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) goes missing.
Roy Middleton, boss at the uni's Virtual Environ-ment Centre, said: "There aren't enough dogs to go round due to a shortage of cadavers and an increase in students.
George Linney says, "Sometimes if I am going round and round in my head on the negative stuff, I can do certain activities that will be upbeat and happy, and then I come back to the problem and do something besides go round and round.
Leading videogame publisher, SouthPeak Interactive Corporation (OTC BB: SOPK), today announced gamers on-the-go can gobble up Miniclip Sushi Go Round for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch from the Apple App Store today.
March 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Women Make The World Go Round is a MOPLA (Month of Photography L.
Stewart Cink had the best round of the day, making six birdies and one bogey to go round in 67 and move from a share of 10th to a share of sixth along with Ian Poulter.
MONEY makes the world go round, People get some, Then their feet don't touch The ground.
But they, for reasons of their own, went to the outside of the hurdle-except one rider, who tried to go round the inside but jumped it instead.
Neil McCrae, 40, the boss of Pollswells Farm, Whiterashes, Aberdeenshire, told a fatal accident inquiry that workers were warned not to go round the back of stacked bales after rain because of the danger they could topple.
SouthPeak Interactive Corporation (OTC BB: SOPK) today announced they are serving up Miniclip Sushi Go Round on Wii[TM] and Nintendo DS[TM] to stores across North, Central and South America.
SIX Red Caps killed by an Iraqi mob could not call for help because there were not enough satellite phones to go round, an inquest heard yesterday.
People can go round as many or as few times as they want to.
Woodstock was a cultural, political and social revolution of sorts, but the influence that the festival had on the world of rock and roll was unprecedented," said Tim Kletti, brand director for Music Go Round.
DENVER, March 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Music Go Round in Aurora has outgrown its current location due to a significant increase of interest in quality used musical equipment.