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Synonyms for public

Synonyms for public

of, concerning, or affecting the community or the people

belonging to, shared by, or applicable to all alike

of, representing, or carried on by people at large

not restricted or confined to few

persons as an organized body

the body of persons who admire a public personality, especially an entertainer

Synonyms for public

people in general considered as a whole

a body of people sharing some common interest

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not private

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affecting the people or community as a whole

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Schroeder notes, "Companies with an inclination to go public in three years need to move toward functioning as a public company today.
How Any Company Can Go Public & The Truth about Reverse Mergers and Public Shells.
Do you think that all mutual insurers will eventually go public, or will we continue to see holdouts, especially among smaller companies?
Using averages calculated by surveying ten years of venture capital disbursement data, lists of companies which are expected to go public have been generated.
became the first black-owned company to go public, completing a $1.
However, banks with assets in excess of $500 million are more likely to indicate that they are "very likely" (7%), while only 2% of the banks with less than $500 million in assets reported that they were "very likely" to go public.
Corzine's reputation inside the investment bank suffered after Goldman postponed plans to go public in September, spent hundreds of millions to bail out a failing hedge fund, and then lost several hundred million in bad bond trades.
Deciding whether to go public: why go public, key considerations and options for going public, timing and costs;
Although the Middle East and North Africa market saw a significant improvement in 2014 compared to the previous years of global financial crisis, falling oil prices have led to many companies in the region to put their plans to go public on hold.
22, 2011 (CENS)--Despite the volatile global capital market, overseas Taiwanese firms still swarmed to go public in Taiwan, with 12 overseas Taiwanese firms having done so in 2011, double that of last year; but an industry insider believes the trend will slow in 2012 due to the European sovereign debt crisis.
We also find that when presidents do go public over the nominee, they engage in what Jacobs and Shapiro call "crafted talk": they emphasize the nominee's professional qualifications and positive personal qualities, not his or her often extreme ideological commitments.
Kung love: go public at HOLLYOAKS babe Gemma Atkinson has struck it lucky in love with a kung fu star who wowed Britain's Got Talent.
which has decided to delay its plan to go public until after fiscal 2010 due to deteriorating business conditions caused by the global financial crisis.