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This paper starts with a review of the current literature identifying organizational and institutional forces affecting the decision to go private.
Dell's decision to go private will not change Purdue University's plans to purchase equipment from Dell, said Gerry McCartney, chief information officer at the university.
Lehn and Poulsen (1989) assess going private transactions that occurred between 1980 and 1987, and determine that the propensity to go private is positively related to the firm's cash flow and inversely related to the firm's growth rate.
Lehn and Poulsen (1989), Denis (1992), and Opler and Yitman (1993) support the free cash flow hypothesis, while Servaes (1994) and Kieschnick (1998) argue that it cannot explain public firms' decisions to go private.
If there is a lack of dentists to treat patients, then the PCT should make sure they give extra funding, otherwise we have to wait for someone to go private.
As part of their programme to widen patient choice, the Tories are promising to pay up to 50 per cent of the cost of an NHS operation to those who go private, leaving them to make up the rest from their own funds or insurance.
There are also some less quantifiable reasons for a company to go private.
They forecast that the 19 universities of the Russell Group, which includes Warwick University in Coventry, will go private.
Companies that are not being recognized in the public markets are seeking to go private through buyouts in greater numbers," said Ian Cookson, a director with Grant Thornton Corporate Finance LLC.
While 53pc would go private if they could, four out of 10 parents said they would opt for a state primary or secondary even if they did have the money to afford fees.
MSPs were stunned when the SNP told the Parliament the 76-year-old widower paid to go private after the NHS said he would have to wait almost a year for the sight-saving op.
Suburban Sanitary Commission discusses whether to go private and become a regulated utility.
Capital Market: Survive, Go Private and Beyond" will provide companies with valuable information on deciding whether to remain listed in the United States or to go private and possibly relist on another exchange where a better valuation can be achieved.
Dentists at one of Northumberland's biggest dental practices ( the Alnwick Dental Practice in Bondgate Without [corr] ( said earlier this month they had been forced to go private.
The alternative is to go private and pay per visit, after an expensive assessment or go with Denplan.