go out

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  • verb

Synonyms for go out

leave the house to go somewhere

take the field

become extinguished

go out of fashion

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date regularly

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Even Hideo himself is smart enough to realize that you can't go out there two, three, four times in a row and pitch an inning and a third, three innings or four innings.
I've seen (pitchers in Japan) throw bullpens, bullpens, bullpens and then go out and throw five innings in spring training.
I just realized I'm not Kevin Brown, and I can never go out on the mound at any time and think I'm going to coast because it's not going to happen,'' Herges said.
I'm just happy every time I go out that I get a lot of runs.
A couple of the guys were joking that I should put on a shoe and go out there,'' Young said.