go off

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  • verb

Synonyms for go off

be discharged or activated

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go off or discharge

stop running, functioning, or operating

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happen in a particular manner

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Based on a small field Frankel could go off as short as 2-5.
Around 100 customers were left without supply, but many more would have experienced a small dip in power, enough to reset equipment and cause alarms to go off.
A SMOKE detector failed to go off during a house fire in Coventry early today because the owner had taken the battery out.
The first is set to go off on September 1: the date on which the raft of capital and currency controls imposed on foreign investors a year ago by the Malaysian central bank expires.
The missile did not go off, but it cracked the casing, releasing plutonium.
When alarms do not go off we allow material for Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) to go through security check points and screening (http://www.
EU enforcers threatened a "bomb" will go off if the EUR1.
THE MAJOR bookmaking firms yesterday appeared united in their opinion that Sea The Stars will go off favourite for this afternoon's Investec Derby, with Ladbrokes believing the Stanjames.
But last night a fault with a power line saw the electric heaters go off and the Northumberland village plunged into darkness.
Speaking of Gitmo, does anyone remember the lady with the bomb strapped to her -- the bomb that didn't go off during a hotel bombing?
An official had whistled a stop after hearing the first horn go off and perceiving a disturbance near the scorers' table.
Bestie is on a waiting list for the vital operation and has a buzzer which will go off when doctors find a compatible donor organ.
ALLOWING mobile phones to go off in court will be treated as contempt of court by a judge at his Warwick Crown Court hearings.