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He said: "Where children do go missing, actions including return interviews to determine why a child went missing, not only helps reduce further instances of running away, but also helps us determine whether a child has come to harm, and are also a vital tool in disrupting abuse and sexual exploitation.
Rotherham, which was embroiled in another abuse scandal, had five children go missing.
Five thousand children go missing every year in the Capital; half of them are trafficked to become labourers, domestic helps or prostitutes.
It is estimated that four out of every five adults who go missing are experiencing mental health problems.
For those children or young people in the looked after system we have set up an initiative to reduce the number who go missing.
Dealing with reports of individuals who repeatedly go missing does take up considerable time and resources, but each case is treated on its merits according to the level of risk involved.
He said: "Children who repeatedly go missing are in grave danger of falling victim to those who prey on them for sexual gain.
So Barnardo's works closely with the police, social services and other agencies to try their hardest to speak to the young person to find out the reasons why they go missing and to try to dissuade them from doing it again.
In the budget that has been proposed by the executive branch for 2009, even more money will go missing - a devastating amount of money.
My son is stationed in the Falklands and I sent him his laptop via the Royal Mail, only for it to go missing in Mill Hill military postal unit in London.
TWO out of three people who go missing do so voluntarily although the reasons vary from marital breakdown to domestic abuse to financial pressures.
RSPCA spokeswoman Jo Cunningham said: "It is normally extremely rare for cats to go missing because of any sinister motive but in any case we would advise all owners to have their pets microchipped.
LOS ANGELES -- GINA for Missing Persons, the internationally acclaimed concert series to raise awareness for those who go missing every year, announces "The Squeaky Wheel World-Wide Tour," October 16 - November 4, 2006.
He said: "When children frequently go missing it puts them at increased risk of harm and this can include being groomed by individuals and gangs who specifically target vulnerable youngsters for sexual exploitation.
Children and young people who repeatedly go missing are more at risk of child sexual exploitation, sexual health issues and drug and alcohol problems.