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He called on every Catholic to go forth and be missionaries to break the bond of conflict and injustice in humanity, adding that the world needs reconciliation.
She is able to go forth straight away, while still a woman, whereas in the Chinese counterpart this only occurs after a sex transformation.
Our frog remembers his past and though he delights in fly pie and this cute girl frog on the lily pad next door, this deep-seated memory of once being something else prevents him from accepting the offer of marriage; he must go forth to the castle and fulfill his destiny.
The bravery of our MPs as they go forth continuing to line their own pockets clearly has no limits.
Shaikh Ahmed, who is also the Bahrain Table Tennis Association president, put forth a proposal that club officials agreed with, and the recommendation will go forth for consideration to the General Organisation for Youth and Sports (Goys).
Aki recalled Geddie's words upon leaving Canada: "I go forth with a resolve in the strength of grace to devote my soul, my body, my all to my Redeemer's service and glory.
When someone completes the CIMA qualification there is no doubt about what they can do next: go forth and serve industry, commerce and government to ensure that resources--monetary, physical or human--are used effectively.
In fact, the penguin has told them to go forth and spread the word of soul according to the church of rhythm'n'blues.
Both trust and solidity--dialogue--at each end of the insect are needed for it to go forth and grow.
I could go on and on forever, Just dreaming endless thoughts, One day I shall find an answer, When this life I leave to go forth.
When you go forth today, remember what the Bible says, ``The rich shall inherit the earth, and thou shalt abolish the inheritance tax.
They remind us that service is the mission of the people, and their words empower the people to go forth and live it out.
Luckily, the message simply proclaimed the man's membership of the 'NZ Jacks' rather than telling anyone to go forth and multiply.
Many young Mormons give two years of their lives to go forth into the world, meet others, and evangelize them into their particular interpretation of the gospel.
The CME had to go forth and shake the bushes for containers with almost no guidance but to go up there and start getting containers to move south.