go deep

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extend in importance or range


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From his prairie-Norwegian roots to his discovery of a beatnik underground in Minnesota and his family relationships, Go Deep and Take Plenty of Root compliments Erik Fraser Storlie's previous memoir Nothing on My Mind (not seen by this writer), which focused on his counterculture social and spiritual experiences in Berkeley during the 1960s and documented the wellspring of his life's early influences.
I will try to do better - I would love to go deep into the tournament," said the Scot.
If genuine, it seems the good seed fell on bad soil; it did not go deep and did not produce fruit.
IT is 79 years since the one and only time the Championships was forced to go deep into a third week because of weather problems.
Its Judaeo-Christian roots go deep, as does its animist sensibility.
You could be as active as possible and the indexes can shoot into the sky or go deep into the ocean but it wouldn't bother you,' he added.
Allen's analysis of all this obliges him to go deep into the Florentine's reading of the history of religion and revelation, disclosing to view a Ficino with a remarkably sophisticated sense of history and the evolution of thought.
C, the results means that circulation patterns within a star don't go deep enough to burn up beryllium.
For the launch party Andy has booked one of the hottest D J acts around in the shape of the strangely-monikered Irish stars Fish Go Deep.
Fish Go Deep are DJ/producers Greg Dowling and Shane Johnson hailing from Cork in Ireland and the track has been out since August.
The lanky left-hander, whose reputation when the Dodgers got him from Tampa Bay two months ago was that he routinely pitched deep into games, couldn't even go deep enough into this one to qualify for the win.
Edited with journalistic precision, a well-chosen group of thinkers go deep inside the story of police abuses in America and the fallout of such abuses.