go deep

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extend in importance or range


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Go Deep and Take Plenty of Root involves readers in Storlie's life and times, retaining the optimism and excitement of youth as it captures these poignant moments of his world: "I'd never had so much fun before in my whole life - at least not since days when Karl and I were kids and ran, over and over again, full tilt toward the lip of the Bluff to send ourselves flying into thin air, tumbling in clouds of fine sand.
Go Deep is now the exclusive Canadian Master Distributor of Carmanah/Sabik Marine products.
The success of the track with Tracey K's haunting vocals over a dirty baseline, has also taken the Fish Go Deep boys by surprise.
Similar outings could help UCLA go deep in the NCAA Tournament.
And now America's leading sports analyst and handicapper Danny Sheridan is weighing in on a major component of the action this Sunday - the Papa John's GO DEEP Challenge.
They knew I wasn't going to go deep in counts and then get hurt.
Now pizza lovers throughout America will cheer on two pro football quarterbacks to truly "Go Deep" in Detroit, to win a free large Papa's Perfect Pan Pepperoni Pizza for every eligible fan who enters the first-ever Papa John's GO DEEP Challenge.
These people get soaked, some even go bankrupt, or go deep into debt.
Without him, the Lakers had to go deep into the bench Sunday to pull out a victory and tie the best-of-seven series at two games apiece.
We have no hope of successfully reaching or influencing a consumer universe that's comprised of people of different ages, diverse subcultures and ethnic groups unless we go deep into their lives to see what drives them and understand what will drive them in the future.
White already has a name for the event - the Go Deep Classic - and said he has contacted City Section coaches to invite their players to the game.
Helping launch Papa's Perfect Pan is recently inducted football Hall of Famer Dan Marino, perhaps the greatest GO DEEP quarterback in history.
Helped Palmdale rebound from an opening-round loss to go deep in the consolation bracket of the Ayala tournament last week.
PRTM is rare in its ability to see the big picture and then go deep and work every step of the way to change the way government gets things done.