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Synonyms for wayside

edge of a way or road or path


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There can be no passengers, said Clark, as Blues enter a critical period in their modern history, and he warned that any players not up for the challenge 'will go by the wayside.
We accept that some projects will inevitably go by the wayside.
Don't let that go by the wayside while you wait on your ex.
New things come up and old things go by the wayside," Sobel said.
A good cleaning seems to go by the wayside when it comes to the filter element for the 621B scraper cab's air system.
I thought it'd be every few weeks one of these will go by the wayside, and it hasn't turned into that,'' Kring admits in his office, where a pipe collection and a bottle of red wine sits on his desk.
Our cooperative system will have to adapt to new ideas and sales, or merge small stores with our neighbors, or slowly go by the wayside.