go around

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be sufficient

go around the flank of (an opposing army)


avoid something unpleasant or laborious

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We don't go around telling people we sing opera,'' Miller said.
I wasn't even supposed to be playing basketball so it's a second go around for me,' said Austin Thursday at Meralco gym.
The pilot later stated the flight and approach were unremarkable but, in the landing flare, the airplane "buoyed up," and he then elected to go around.
The team stopped taking deposits in early January when it appeared they might not have enough season seats to go around.
No one cared, there was plenty to go around, and the beer never stopped flowing.
While they know that protons moving through the cell membrane power the engine, the scientists seek the mechanism that "causes a rotor to go around and turn a crank," Berg says.
That's because that's what the law says, so I want to go around the country and point to them and tell the people, 'Do not elect people like that because they are not yet in office and they are already violating the law,' she said of her opponents who have started going around even before the official campaign launch early this month.
But, now you have a new decision: Re-enter the pattern and try again, divert to a nearby airport with more suitable conditions or go somewhere to loiter and wait out whatever caused you to go around.
Did the city offer you a well-paid job to go around city streets taking pictures of people's homes so you could go back to the City Council and act like a second-grader by telling on residents who have fences or hedges that may be too high?
Simultaneous measurement by the two telescopes would determine the parallax without waiting for the earth to go around in its orbit, and without having to subtract the amount of the star's proper motion that occurs while the earth is going around between the measurements.
MANILA -- It will probably take more than 30 minutes for Pope Francis to go around Luneta Park and bless people but it will only take him 10 minutes to give his homily.
Then, go around for another pass, noting whatever conditions helped you bounce the landing in the first place.
The current is split to go around the ring both clockwise and counterclockwise.
He said it was a shame if Revilla was indeed guilty and he still had the guts to go around to defend himself.