go around

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Synonyms for go around

be sufficient

go around the flank of (an opposing army)


avoid something unpleasant or laborious

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I go around and hug the patients and staff members, and I try to keep up morale.
They do bad things in the dark, and yet They have the audacity to demand equal rights at a time when everyone knows there is just not enought to go around.
With the new Travel Buff(R) board game, they can go around the world in the comfort of home -- in the time it takes to have a lot of fun!
We don't go around telling people we sing opera,'' Miller said.
So do not go around skating concerned about what other people think of you or worry about what you are wearing.
I will go on the records as saying that some conservatives are stupid, but so are some liberals; there is plenty of stupidity to go around.
We can't go around doing seismic graphs, and we can't check without a search warrant," Donald Thornhill Jr.
If you choose to be a kind, gentle god and go around protecting children and healing the sick, the villagers will support you because they love you.
Every time Neptune goes around the sun three times, Pluto and the Plutinos go around twice.
To do that, you can't go around attacking gay rights.
Expected to open next fall, the 17,000 square-foot addition will include a fitness center, massages, body wraps, hydro therapies and "plenty of chocolate to go around.
Believe it or not, it's sometimes possible to go around in circles and still go someplace.
The `Letter from California' allows the West Coast perspective to go around elite media's guardians of conventional wisdom.