go against

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fail to agree with



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The Ombudsman has upheld five of the woman's six complaints about the way the authority handled the matter and, among other recommendations, says members of the planning committee should receive more training to avoid making the same mistakes again and that when members go against recommendations the reasons should be accurately recorded.
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Drug maker declared, BSE has given the green nod for combining of its two subsidiaries with the pharma company as the amalgamation does not go against securities law.
The followers, of course, believed that to go against Alamo was to go against "a prophet of God," an agent said in the filing, so they did what he said.
The next second round of performances will take place on 23 March where Famaz Attak will go against The Pulpit, and on 27 March where Chillin in the Park will face Shemyetu.
Who is the one who had the audacity to go against its own people?
Pegg said: "It is not surprising when decisions go against you abroad.
How, therefore, can anyone force them to go against everything they believe in, to suit a minority who are going against the teaching of the religion that they want to bless their union?
Should the opinions of residents who do not want any more outlets to sell alcohol day and night where they live not be listened to and acted upon and should the names of those councillors who go against the wishes of residents not be given out to the public - or are the councillors ashamed of their decision and fear reprisal at the ballot box?
Last month, rival Barclays saw 27% of votes go against its pay report amid anger over chief executive Bob Diamond's hefty payout.
The government is forcing Catholic employers to go against their religious beliefs by offering their employees coverage for something that goes against their beliefs.
My pleas go against deaf ears for a multitude of reasons.
we also had two free kicks go against us so that's a total of 21 decisions that went against us," McLaughlin claimed.
What could go against us on the night did go against us.
THE end of July is usually the time when punters decide that, finally, it could be Tottenham's season, but Sporting Index are finding plenty of punters eager to go against Harry Redknapp's side, writes Ian Wilkerson.
These measures do not just go against the Cyprus Republic, they go against the European Union," he pointed out.