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large African antelope having a head with horns like an ox and a long tufted tail

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Gnu Foods debuted FiberLove bars C the feel-good fiber choice C in 2013.
Blue Gnu has now applied to trademark the Superlambanana name on a variety of products including bags, furniture, kitchen utensils, and clothes.
In that instance, a gnu infiltrated the palindrome ensconced as an inmate in "dungeon.
Initial development at this facility will not only focus on extending GNU Bayonne to support large API applications, but also to test and demonstrate the project's clustering and distributed network call model.
The ARC GNU and ARC Linux Toolchains are professional quality products that have been thoroughly verified with the extensive community test suites.
Gnu Foods was founded in 2004 with the release of the Flavor & Fiber bar.
CodeSourcery has provided high-quality GNU tools for TI's ARM-based processors for years, and we're excited about expanding our relationship to include TI's C6000-based processors," said Mark Mitchell, Chief Sourcerer of CodeSourcery.
Sourcery G++ contains the Eclipse IDE and the GNU Toolchain, including C/C++ compilers, runtime libraries and a source- and assembly-level debugger.
Blondie, Blueberry Cobbler, and Carrot Cake Gnu Bars are now available for purchase online at www.
CodeSourcery has also enhanced the GNU Toolchain for individual target platforms in the fall release.
We look forward to working with MIPS Technologies to further enhance support for the MIPS architecture in the GNU toolchain.
announces the immediate availability of the spring release of Sourcery G++, a complete C/C++ development environment based on the GNU Toolchain and the Eclipse[TM] IDE.
Nasdaq: WAVT), a leader in information technologies certification and training, has teamed with Sylvan Prometric(TM), a leader in computer-based testing, and publisher John Wiley & Sons with an aggressive promotional campaign to launch the Sair Linux and GNU certification.
The Navigator IDE installs the necessary Windows components of the GNU tools with all of the appropriate switches and options, installs the SDE GNU compiler and utilities, and launches the Eclipse-based Navigator IDE.