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intuitive knowledge of spiritual truths

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1) [T]here is much to be dissatisfied with about the world (including being trapped in a pathetic, weak and mortal human body); 2) this world is replete of suffering, ignorance, and death that should be eliminated; 3) salvation from such evil is possible; 4) the order of being must be changed and perfected through developmental/evolutionary human processes; 5) humans are capable of effecting such change, first through transhumanism, but definitely through posthumanism; and 6) humans are now discovering the gnosis needed to bring about such change.
The large number of first-time patent applications filed by Gnosis, places it at the forefront of the specialty nutraceutical sector.
It is this process of attaining Gnosis through the fusion of esoteric paths, both secular and religious, that Valle-Inclan delineates in La lampara maravillosa.
Los especialistas en el tema del gnosticismo tienen buen cuidado en senalar el significado original del concepto griego gnosis y diferenciarlo de las objetivaciones historicas que ha tenido al organizarse en movimientos y doctrinas religiosas o seudorreligiosas en la era cristiana (Guerra, 2005; Jonas, 2003; Rudolph, 2000).
Strelka writes: "Dante war eingeweihter Templer und seine Gottliche Komodie ist das glanzendste iiberlebende Zeugnis der Templergnosis" (Dante was an initiated Templar, and his Divine Comedy is the most splendid surviving witness to Templer gnosis [x]).
Puesto que la deficiencia y la pasion han existido por la ignorancia, por medio del conocimiento es destruida toda substancia proveniente de aquella, de tal modo que es la gnosis redencion del hombre interior.
Del mismo modo, afirma que, en la epoca que en que se escribieron los libros neotestamentarios, no existian los sistemas de pensamiento que agrupamos bajo el termino gnosis, pero si una interpretacion gnostica de la existencia, una mision gnostica, y los trazos fundamentales del mito gnostico (p.
Gnosis will highlight the emotional battles Gandhari had to face," says Khan about the production that was premiered at the Sadler's Wells Theatre in London in 2009.
Keywords: gnosis, recapitulation, historical theology, economy of salvation.
Another unique selling proposition is that all Gnosis chocolate is "raw.
When Maritain is discussing the nature of "poetic knowledge" as distinguished from metaphysics and conceptual knowledge he leaves no doubt that he assumes the validity of this passionate gnosis which was the doctrinaire basis of Romantic poetry in Blake, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shelley, and Poe.
Under this solution, a kind of immediate salvation is possible through recognition and personal embrace of the spark of divinity, or gnosis, carefully husbanded within the Gnostic believer.
Gnosis won the Nutraceutical Business and Technology Award 2011 for Most Effective Strategic Product Development for the unique and superior folate derivative Quatrefolic [R].
Segun investigadores de la Universidad de Augsburg (Alemania), el evangelio de Judas esta en linea con la tradicion de los cristianos gnosticos, que enfatizaban la importancia del conocimiento: gnosis, en griego.
The attack on Gawker was carried out over the weekend by an organisation calling itself Gnosis.