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indicator provided by the stationary arm whose shadow indicates the time on the sundial

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KEY WORDS: natural mortality, gnomonic time, life span, Panopea globosa, geoduck, clam
This approach is referred to as gnomonic time division.
For Panopea globosa the gnomonic approach was used as an alternative method for estimating natural mortality and it offers an alternative to traditional methods used for Panopea species that are focused on adult population parameters (e.
Estimates of natural mortality for Panopea globosa were computed using gnomonic time divisions (GTD) according to the definition provided by Caddy (1996).
Emerson's notes following an 1843 visit to a railroad construction site along the Boston Concord line show us that he sees the railroad as a gnomonic project consisting of iterative growth:
The Shrubberies are terse, gnomonic poems of precise moments of perception and apperception, precise encounters with the language of nature and the nature of language.
Johnson's Shrubberies, on the other hand, share Dickinson's gnomonic geometry and use language like a sundial, an encultured way of measuring nature's time and space in a poet's line:
Thus, the phytomers are true examples of gnomonic development (incremental development in which each increment added to a structure results in a new structure resembling the original) (Jean, 1994).
WAMS and DMS members were sparely equipped, using only observing forms, gnomonic star charts, pens, watches, and small flashlights.
This is illuminated in Figures 12 and 13, where main directions of E and W migration, respectively, have been schematically represented on two different map projections: the Mercator and gnomonic projections (Gudmundsson and Alerstam, 1998b).
On the gnomonic projection, in contrast, arrows indicate extrapolated flight routes along orthodromes (great circles, which appear as straight lines on a gnomonic projection).