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indicator provided by the stationary arm whose shadow indicates the time on the sundial

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The full Letter had been published as far back as 1965 by Glen Cavaliero in the small-press journal Gnomon, but that piece is hardly accessible to Inklings scholars all these years later.
shiftiness" of the gnomon in the image from The Trumpet
Once the Vikings had determined the position of the hidden sun, they could have used a specially designed wooden slab called a shadow stick to simulate the shadow of the gnomon based on the angle at which the hidden sun would hit it.
3, in which the gnomon is once again pointing to the South Celestial pole, whose shadow is cast onto a plane inclined at 15 [degrees] to the horizon.
Furthermore, in order to make this claim, Watson and Horowitz characterize the astronomy of MULAPIN as "observational science," but this is also not quite true: the data on the length of the shadow cast by a gnomon, for example, is given by a mathematical scheme.
They conduct further research on the history of the gnomon, pointing to the estimable truth that one can be both a student of Joyce and a student of Euclid and know what one is talking about.
htm) Correcting for latitude avoids the problem of the shadow of your gnomon pointing in a different direction depending on seasonal variations of the sun's apparent path in the sky.
You, rose of wind, who hour our rhumb,/loose day upon a dial, common,/mark measure of the fan,/til upon your breast it shades a crumb:/Where seizes gnomon,/make that the very minute of Man.
A manual said to have origins in the Zhou Dynasty, the Zhou bi suanjing (Zhou Classic of Gnomon Calculations), survives in a Han Dynasty version.
The dailiness of practical tasks soothed him, while his imaginative fancy would over the coming years conjure Stonypath as a belated episode in the English landscape garden tradition--those "quite extraordinary pure symphonic creations," in which nature is poeticized, abstracted: pond as Pool, grass as Lawn, sundial gnomon dividing shadow into measure and order.
Voir John A Dickinson, << Les actes notaries et la recherche historique >> (1989) 69 Le Gnomon : revue internationale d'histoire du notariat 8 [Dickinson, << Actes >>].
La scelta di ristampare in una raccolta di contributi sul romanzo latino una recensione al commento di Kortekaas all'Historia Apollonii (Leiden--Boston 2007), gia pubblicata in Gnomon (80, 2008, 301-307), e discutibile, anche perche alcune sue parti ripetono quanto espresso dall'autore nell'articolo precedente.
Fall, and the terraced ascensions of this Lawn Buzz with the callow treasons of its clerks, And along the colonnade The sun makes a gnomon of each column and brick Where light waves congregate astride their opposite On every wire-edge of shade.
One of these is keynote speaker Alex Alvarez, founder of the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood.
A needle, or gnomon (NOH-mahn), cast a shadow that crossed the dial's marks one by one as the sun moved from east to west overhead.