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Synonyms for gnome

a legendary creature resembling a tiny old man

a short pithy saying expressing a general truth

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Taxi driver Joe said: "The officers who came round were laughing about it but said in all seriousness, if I didn't move the gnome, they would charge me.
Among the smaller items in the foreground was this garden gnome, which appears just to the right of George's leg.
My Travel Gnome removes the inconveniences of traveling with a large gnome and inserts a new spin to the idea offering creative input for the customer," States owner Jena Smith "In this digital age, online photo and content sharing is a priority for anyone connected.
But the officers who patrol the university and liaise with students and staff confirmed yesterday the gnome had been recovered after it was found by a porter in the castle.
The gnome versions of the Manchester band were created by music promoter Andrew McDermid, 42, from Greenock, and friend Charlie Boyle, 40.
AN IKEA advert showing a couple using increasingly violent methods to kill off garden gnomes has drawn dozens of complaints from viewers.
Outcry at stabbings, hORROR After two long hours, I did finally find the stall that last year brought shame on Santa, the business responsible for a less than ideal gnome exhibition.
Summary: Gnomeo and Juliet: Sherlock Gnomes is set to return to the big screen, with a sequel already under development.
The surviving gnome, known as Lampy, is on display today, and is insured for $1.
In fact, if gnomes ever got the vote, they could soon elect members of the Gnome Party to the House of Commons.
GNOME 2 applications will continue to work in the new environment without modification, letting developers move to the GNOME 3 environment at their own pace.
Jon McCann, one of GNOME Shell's designers: "With any luck you will feel more focused, aware, effective, capable, respected, delighted, and at ease.
com LP, a US-based online travel company, has announced that its scheme to take its Travelocity Roaming Gnome, a statue that denotes a gnome or a mythical creature, on the last step of its vacation will be decided soon.
According to The Times, the golden gnome has gone on display at an art gallery in Nuremberg, the Bavarian city that hosted huge Nazi party rallies before the Second World War and the major war crimes trials afterwards.
A Gnome's Story, a metaphysical introduction to the world of Gnomes, Faeries, Elves, and Leprechauns.