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small tropical tree with tiered branches and divaricate branchlets having broad glossy dark green leaves

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In this study, we examined the biomass allocation and the photosynthetic performance of seedlings of Gnetum leyboldii Tul.
However, the simultaneous administration of Gnetum bucholzianum significantly reduced the effect of chloroquine by attenuating hepatic and renal parameters.
Gnetum and the angiosperms: molecular evidence that their shared morphological characters are convergent, rather than homologous.
On the contrary, botanists classify it in the phylum Gnetophyta, along with Gnetum and Ephedra, rather than in the phylum Coniferophyta.
Class 4 Gnetopsida [Ephedra (Joint Fir), Gnetum, Welwitschia]
1996) indicate that within Gnetales, Ephedra is basal, whereas Gnetum and Welwitschia are derived sister taxa (for review of hypotheses of phylogenetic position of Gnetales see Doyle 1998).
The goal is to conserve biodiversity and strengthen rural women livelihoods and the activities of the project involve production of forest vegetables at homestead, Gnetum africanum (Afang) and Talinum triangulare (Waterleaf) using organic manure , mulching for soil water conservation, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and metal spiked stakes which are environmental friendly and sustainable.
2007), Gnetum (Camiel, 1966), and Welwitschia (Zavada & Gabarayeva, 1991).
Fruit Ma Kharm Fruit (Pulp) Young leaves GNETACEAE Gnetum gnemon L.
In this study, Ex Manihot esculenta (also called "gari"), Musa paradisiaca (matured green plantain), Gnetum africana leaves and Telfaria occidentalis leaves were analysed for dietary fiber content and bacterial degradation.
50] = <100 [micro]g/ml) organic extracts include Anacardium occidentale, Annona reticulate, Garuga pinnata, Crateva religiosa, Cephalotaxus fortunei, Anogeissus pendula, Juniperus osteosperma, Dipterocarpus grandiflorus, Diospyros dichrophylla, Gnetum scandens, Mammea africana, Gonocaryum lobbianum, Strychnos aculeate, Melia azedarach, Mirabilis jalapa, Olax subscorpioidea, Ximenia americana, Pittosporum crassifolium, Plantago aristata, Albizia amara, and Strychnos potatorum.
6 Upa' panto' Eugeissonia utilis 6 Engkala Litsea garciae 5 Buah asam Mangifera decandra 5 Rembai Baccaurea motleyana 4 Tubo' [Bamboo shoots] 4 Karet/getah Harvea braziliensis 3 * Kayo' engkelong Shorea quadrinervis 3 Daun koko Theobroma cacao 3 Asam pauh Mangifera petandra 2 Nangka Artocarpus heterophyllus 2 Buah rungan Carica papaya 2 * Tucung kecala' Etlingera elatior 2 * Daun sabong Gnetum gnemon 2 Petai Parkia speciosa 2 * Wi [various species of rattan].
gnetum gnemon, (see Kocher Schmid 1991: 150-151) were used generally resulting in a coarser cloth.