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a laminated metamorphic rock similar to granite

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The Abja quartz-monzodioritic stock in SW Estonia is strongly magnetic and consists of a dark grey, massive, medium-grained, partly weakly gneissose rock with abundant accessory apatite and titanomagnetite.
Geotechnical considerations: Three types of geological discontinuity can be observed that affect the stability of the stopes, these are joints, gneissose parting planes and shears [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3 OMITTED].
The concept of Baltic-Belarus arc-shaped granulite belts (Gorbatschev & Bogdanova 1993) recently raised doubts again, because in Central Latvia, the Inchukalns N-S trending amphibolite facies belt replaces the granulites of North Latvia, and in East Latvia, the large Daugavpils gneissose granite massif forms the basement (Puura 1980).
1) is strongly magnetic and consists of dark grey, medium-grained, in part weakly gneissose quartz monzodiorite.