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a laminated metamorphic rock similar to granite

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All these units are metamorphosed to greenschist grade in contrast to the surrounding gneissic rocks.
The gamma-ray spectrometry data were particularly useful for distinguishing various granitoid plutons and internal zoning within them, whereas the magnetic data permitted differentiation of the plutons from gneissic basement and enclaves of supracrustal rocks within the gneissic basement.
The recently acquired Thelon properties are of particular interest including the Muskox Hill portion of the Northwest Block where prior exploration identified a hematized fracture zone in gneissic basement rocks close to the Thelon uncomformity which assayed an extraordinary 14.
These rocks show gneissic structure and occur mainly as small plutons.
These granites are presumed to be part of the peninsular gneissic complex and to contain basic enclaves of aplite, pegmatite, epidote, and quartz veins.
The Property is underlain by rocks of the Proterozoic Wollaston Domain comprising ortho- and paragneisses, including Archean gneissic domes (basement) and minor younger intrusive rocks including abundant pegmatite bodies.
The similarities suggest that the rocks represent the same sedimentary unit at different grades of metamorphism, implying a major crustal break under the area of mixed dioritic and granitic rocks that separates the gneissic and lower grade rocks.
The bulk of the new applications together with the Jubuk tenements occur within a belt of mapped gneissic rocks with high metamorphic grades favourable for the formation of recrystallised banded iron formations.
Weathering is quiet higher in granite gneissic rock rather than charnockite.
Butler granite is a grey gneissic granite that was used for the steps and landings of the four exterior porticos of the Legislative Building (Figs.
The study area belongs to the Archaean system which is dominated by low grade metamorphic and gneissic rocks.
Numerous dikes of granite, ranging in size from less than 1 to 3 meters intrude the tourmaline-rich gneissic rocks and often contain tourmaline along the dike margins.