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Synonyms for gnaw



Synonyms for gnaw

to seize, as food, with the teeth

to consume gradually, as by chemical reaction or friction

Synonyms for gnaw

bite or chew on with the teeth

become ground down or deteriorate

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It is always on those grey, damp, gnawingly cold days when the thought of messing about outside with water is pure purgatory.
This is a far more traditional affair, when the telling of tales of the unexplained and the supernatural are entirely in keeping with the turning of the season, when the nights draw in and the gnawingly cold wind whooshes through the ruffles of old man willow.
There is nothing so gnawingly horrible as the first day of rehearsal.
The music in Das Rheingold perhaps lies uncomfortably low for him at this stage of his career, but in Walkure he showed himself a marvellous singer-actor; from the tense encounter with Fricka (Reinhild Runkel, a formidable vocal presence) through a gnawingly anguished monologue to the tenderness of the Abschied, he impressed with an attention to vocal detail and nuance that outweighed everything else.
SOLID HARMONIE - I Want You To Want Me (Jive) Gnawingly good pop which should have you all on solids by the end of the week.