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Synonyms for gnaw



Synonyms for gnaw

to seize, as food, with the teeth

to consume gradually, as by chemical reaction or friction

Synonyms for gnaw

bite or chew on with the teeth

become ground down or deteriorate

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Gnaw marks appear as paired, in some places divergent, grooves of wide-ranging size.
Examination of the skeletal material revealed damage to long bones including the humeri, consisting of splintered and abraded ends, rather than parallel gnaw marks commonly left by rodents.
The findings, published in the journal PLoS ONE, showed that it is the rat's muscles that increase bite efficiency, allowing it to gnaw and chew with more success than species that specialise in just one of these methods.
Now, they did not gnaw the peanut butter poised to snap their
There is no military solution to the resentments and legitimate questions of justice that gnaw at the Holy Land.
Periods of uncertainty in life do gnaw at us from time to time.
WHILE most women would rather gnaw off their own foot than let the world catch a glimpse of their thighs -- unless it's on a foreign beach or a beauty therapy table, singer Jamelia is justifiably proud of her pins.
The use of plastic trash containers represents no problem to rats that can gnaw through them with relative ease.
The title comes from a cryptic yet provocative offhand comment--"Liz Taylor was snakebit, but she fought back"--that, like the play as a whole, leaves you with something juicy to gnaw on.
Once again, Waterford failed to raise a green flag in a big game but McGrath (right) insisted: "It wouldn't gnaw at me.
Washington, Apr 28 ( ANI ): Mice and rats have evolved to gnaw with their front teeth and chew with their back teeth more effectively than rodents that 'specialise' in one or other of these biting mechanisms, according to a new study.
Family meal Analyses of the gnaw marks on bones of Majungatholus atopus, a carnivorous dinosaur, indicated that the creatures routinely fed on members of their own species (163: 211 *).
Female scavengers gnaw at their own limbs in a demented "Feast of Harpies.
This means that they need things to gnaw on to wear their teeth down or they can grow into the skin, causing pain.