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the most inferior point of the mandible in the midline

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Manually computed distance between selected two reference points on a scaled graph sheet: 300 mm *Computed distance between the selected two reference points by Akinlolu-Raji image-processing algorithm on 3D facial image: 273 mm *Computed total face height (trichion - gnathion distance) using Akinlolu-Raji image-processing algorithm on 3D facial image: 160 mm.
Gnathion (gn): It is the lowest median landmark on the lower border of mandible.
Six months after the end of treatment, patients underwent computerized measurements of the cervicomental and gnathion angles, and a panel of blinded investigators compared pre- and posttreatment photographs, Dr.
In the case of the length of the ear, the variables taken into consideration were nasion to subnasale, glabella to subnasale, glabella to trichion, and subnasale to gnathion distances.
Goodfriend (18) suggested that the distance from the pupil of the eye to the junction of the lips equaled that from the sub-nasion to the gnathion.
George (1987, 1993) defined two points under the chin, the gnathion and the menton.
The face length was taken as the height between nasion to gnathion, while face breadth was measured as the breadth across the zygomatic bones.
Para los hombres del grupo A, se observaron los siguientes resultados promedio en milimetros en cada punto cefalometrico: Triquion = 4,966; Supraglabela = 4,983; Glabela = 4,833; Nasion = 5,683; A' de downs = 11,003; B' de downs = 11,183; Pogonion = 10,175; Gnathion = 7,541; Superciliar = 4,783; Supraorbiatrio = 6,033; Exocanthion = 5,991; Infraorbitario = 7,166; Zygion = 6,791; Agujero mentoniano = 12,791; Gonion = 17,74.