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  • verb

Synonyms for gnash

to rub together noisily


to seize, as food, with the teeth

Words related to gnash

grind together, of teeth

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Then King Frost sprang to and fro in front of her, questioning her, and getting only rude, rough words in reply, till at last he got very angry, and cracked his fingers, and gnashed his teeth, and froze her to death.
Sir Francis shook his fists, Passepartout was beside himself, and the guide gnashed his teeth with rage.
In the midst of them all Achilles put on his armour; he gnashed his teeth, his eyes gleamed like fire, for his grief was greater than he could bear.
I said that the fame of the king had reached to the four corners of the earth, and that the nations gnashed their teeth when they heard daily of the glory of his realm and the wisdom of his moon-like prime minister and lotus-eyed director- general of public education.
It came from the fang -- like teeth of the dwarf, who ground them and gnashed them as he foamed at the mouth, and glared, with an expression of maniacal rage, into the upturned countenances of the king and his seven companions.
The Wicked Witch was so angry when she saw her black bees in little heaps like fine coal that she stamped her foot and tore her hair and gnashed her teeth.
And the thing jumped at them and gnashed its teeth and then spat upon them from frothing lips.
The wolf crouched, gnashed her teeth, and again rose and bounded forward, followed at the distance of a couple of feet by all the borzois, who did not get any closer to her.
When he saw she was a grown-up, he gnashed the little pearls at her.
She stamped her foot at a naughty one, and I saw the gleam of her teeth as she gnashed them in the dear pretty way I can't forget; and then a boy and girl, fighting for her shoulders, brought the whole group joyously to the ground.
He gnashed his teeth at me, and swore it was his money.
He even hung by one hand, tantalizingly just beyond reach, and mocked them as they gnashed their tusks with impotent rage.